Our History

1950 – Newlyweds Leopoldo and Manuela Mimbela emigrate from Mexico to El Paso, TX. in pursuit of the American Dream.

1950 to 1968 – Leopoldo works various jobs, often far away from home, in order to support his wife and eight children.

1967 – At age 40, Leopoldo becomes an entrepreneur, going door-to-door performing yard work, rock wall repairs, and small residential concrete jobs in El Paso, TX.

1970 to 1980 – Leopoldo’s son John works for his father part-time while while attending high school and working at Cashway Building Materials. They employ between 5 to 10 individuals, depending on workload.

1980 – Leopoldo and John form a partnership and Mimbela Construction is officially established. Typical projects are residential sidewalks, driveways, and landscaping. The company begins to solicit small scale commercial projects as well.

1982 to 1990 – Siblings Joe, Robert, George, and Raul join the company. Mimbela Construction continues to perform small scale commercial and residential concrete and remodeling projects at a higher volume and out of a home office.

1999Mimbela Construction lands its first major government project, 200 military homes in Fort Bliss, TX.

2001Founder Leopoldo, at age 73, is involved in a fatal car accident in Northeast El Paso on his way home from work. Shortly after, John receives the SBA Small Business Person of the Year Award. Mimbela Construction now employs over 100 people, including sons John Jr. and Mike.

2005After earning a solid reputation, Mimbela Construction continues performing military housing work, expanding their presence throughout Texas and New Mexico.

2007Mimbela Construction is dissolved and a new corporation, Mimbela Contractors, Inc., is formed, naming John Sr. as President and CEO, and John Jr. and Mike as Vice Presidents. A 5,000 square foot office building is constructed adjacent to the original location.

2010 to PresentLicensed, bonded, and insured, Mimbela Contractors, Inc. now employs over 200 individuals and has the capability to complete construction projects at various locations and of different sizes, having done so in over 30 cities spanning 10 states. While having evolved from a one man operation, to a corporation averaging $20 Million in annual revenue, Mimbela still holds true the same values that it was.


Core Values that Define and Drive Our Success



Whether physically at the job site or through improvements in our processes, we know that constant, intelligent progression is what has kept us going strong for the past five decades.


We pride ourselves on our solid reputation of quality workmanship, outstanding service, and unquestioned reliability.


We have earned the respect of the industry through our hard work and integrity. This respect is shown through our relationships with our employees, customers, vendors, and especially our community.


This area delivers the control you want over all critical aspects of your project.


A good owner’s rep saves their client time, money and a lot of headaches.


Clients hire us because we deliver great value, without question.